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Micro-Al Radio Systems has been engaged in the production of high integrity wireless based alarms for industrial, commercial and rural applications since 1984. We have wide experience in the provision of wireless panic alarm systems for major charities, schools, leisure centres and NHS surgeries. 
We can supply systems of any size ranging from a single zone office pushbutton to multizone wide area configurations covering several kilometres.
Our products are designed and manufactured in the UK and our in-house expertise and flexibility allows us to offer customer tailor-made changes at minimal or no cost. Our alarm systems are wirefree and require no specialist technical or software knowledge for installation or operation and can be installed in minutes.

We have particular expertise in providing long range wireless  alarms for use in remote and inhospitable environments. Typical applications include protected compounds, utility plants,and secure residential blocks.

All systems comply with European Standard EN300-220 and are within the frequency bands authorised for use in the EU and on a global basis.

Please contact us by e-mail or telephone to discuss without obligation your  particular requirements

 Micro-al Radiosystems
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